About us

Schottenfeldgasse 12/1
A-1070 Vienna
VAT-Nr. ATU77809748

Location Gleisdorf
Feldgasse 19
8200 Gleisdorf

Gruppenfoto des RENOWAVE.AT-Teams, v.l.n.r
From left to right: Silviu Chertes, Armin Knotzer, Sophie Krabina, Ulla Unzeitig, Susanne Formanek, Constance Weiser and Cornelia Ninaus. (Photo: © Christof Hütter)

We are the team that supports initiators of demonstration buildings and districts in order to catalyze a shift towards a climate-neutral building stock.

Our mission is to simplify and accelerate high-quality renovations through innovation

ith our platform, we create spaces for pioneering ideas and collaborate closely with a broad network of construction and environmental organizations, research institutions, and architects to shape a sustainable future in the construction sector.

Executive Board

Location Vienna

Susanne Formanek - Economic Project Management

Areas: Wood Construction, Economic Management, Innovation, Innovation Workshops, Financing, Research Projects

Location Vienna

Ulla Unzeitig - Head of Communications​

Areas: Architecture, Communication, Strategic Alignment, Innovation, RENOWAVE.AT Impact Days, ELENA Financing, Qualitätsplattform Sanierung


Location Vienna

Christina Böckl - Project Coordination

Areas: Project Coordination, EU & International Affairs, Construction and Environmental Law, Life Cycle Assessment, Funding Processes

Location Vienna

Silviu Chertes - Office

Areas: Administration, Office Organization, Accounting, Event Support, RENOWAVE.AT Impact Days

Location Gleisdorf

Armin Knotzer - Content Project Management

Areas: Research, Demonstration Projects, Project Collaboration, Regional Cooperation


Location Vienna

Sophie Krabina - Social Media Management

Areas: Social Media, Newsletter and Website Management, Public Relations, Media, Communication

Location Vienna

Jens Leibold - Project Management


FO-Cornelia Ninaus-2(c)Ninaus

Location Gleisdorf

Cornelia Ninaus - Project Management

Areas: Serial Renovation, Regional Cooperation, Knowledge Management

Foto Sarah

Location Vienna

Areas: Project Coordination

Areas: Project Assistance, Research Projects

FO-Constance_Weiser(c)Luiza Puiu

Location Vienna

Constance Weiser - Technical Direction

Areas: Technical Direction, Research Projects, Incremental and Serial Renovation, Sustainability, Ecological Construction, Circular Economy

External PR agency

Doris Spiegl

Doris Spiegl

DS agency for communication strategy, brand development & visibility

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