The cooperative

RENOWAVE.AT eG is the supporting organisation of the innovation laboratory of the same name and a registered cooperative that anyone from the field of rehabilitation can join.

Become a cooperative member or supporter

RENOWAVE.AT welcomes anyone who wants to actively work for a climate-neutral building stock. We ensure that our members have a regular, constructive exchange with each other. We join forces in a guided exchange to make refurbishments more efficient, faster and cheaper. This creates a knowledge advantage and competitive edge in the market.

We are as concerned with climate protection and innovations in the social, technological and organisational fields as we are with an appreciative approach to our architectural heritage.

Become part of our innovative community and get actively involved with us!

Become a cooperative member or supporter:

You can find more information about joining the cooperative here.

Our cooperative members

Österreichisches Institut für Bauen und Ökologie GmbH, GrünStattGrau GmbH, AEE – Institut für Nachhaltige Technologien, ARCH+MORE ZT GmbH, Energieinstitut Vorarlberg, FH Technikum Wien, IBR&I Institute of Building Research & Innovation ZT GmbH, IIBW Institut für Immobilien, Bauen und Wohnen GmbH, pulswerk GmbH, ÖGNB, Schöberl&Pöll GmbH, WH consulting engineers e.U., wohnbund:consult, 17&4 Organisationsberatung GmbH, baubook, FH Salzburg, Universität Innsbruck, TU Wien – bi.wwb, Biller Architektur und Baumanagement ZT GmbH, Spektrum Bauphysik&Bauökologie, Verein Innovative Gebäude

Supervisory Board

  • Bernhard Lipp (IBO GmbH)
  • Christian Fink (AEE INTEC)
  • Florian Eckkrammer (FH Technikum Wien)
  • Wolfgang Amann (IIBW)
  • Robert Lechner (pulswerk GmbH)
  • Gerhard Kopeinig (ARCH+MORE ZT GmbH)

We are a member of the Auditing Association Rückenwind.

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