Collection of links to various funding offensives and funding databases for the planning & implementation of renovation projects (federal and provincial):

Subsidy overview by Hauskunft Wien for apartment buildings

Kommunalkredit’s environmental promotion page provides information on the “Get out of gas and oil” campaign and the 2021/22 refurbishment offensive for multi-storey residential buildings.

Also via Kommunalkredit’s environmental support, since May 2022 (until presumably May 2025) there has been an Funding for “land recycling to reduce land consumption: Formerly used or built-up areas that are not currently used – also known as “brownfields” or “vacant land” – are put back to use, thus preventing or reducing new consumption of natural land “on greenfield sites”. Development concepts for re-use as well as investigations of the subsoil and the existing building fabric are promoted. Subsequently, also planning of difficulties resulting from the location in the centre of the village.

The Austrian Energy Agency’s subsidy guide provides a good overview of the subsidies available in Austria (federal, provincial) for private individuals, companies and municipalities.

The transparency portal of the Federal Ministry of Finance helps with a targeted, nationwide search for current subsidies (keyword search e.g. “renovation” and subsequent detailed search).

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