New FFG funding call for the circular economy in construction

Lead project – Recycling of building materials and building components with AI support

The lead project is aimed at companies, R&D institutions and other organisations active in the construction industry, circular economy and digital technologies.

Tender open from 30.11.2022 12:00 to 31.05.2023 12:00

The Austrian circular economy strategy was adopted by the Council of Ministers on 7 December 2022 and the vision of the strategy is to transform the Austrian economy and society into a climate-neutral, sustainable circular economy by 2050.

The construction sector uses enormous amounts of resources: Within Europe, the sector accounts for around 50% of all raw materials extracted and over 35% of all waste generated (see Circular Economy Action Plan 2020). Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from material extraction, building product manufacturing, construction and refurbishment or deconstruction and demolition of buildings are estimated at 5-12% of national GHG emissions in the EU. For this reason, increased efforts must be made in this sector to focus on decomposability and recyclability in the raw and building materials used and to increase the overall service life.

Within the framework of the call for proposals, a lead project is being funded that investigates and demonstrates the recycling of building materials and building components using artificial intelligence (AI) methods. For this flagship project, a total of €1.5 million will be provided from “AI for Green”, “Technologies and Innovations for the Climate-Neutral City” and the “RTI Initiative on the Circular Economy”.
EUR 4 million has been made available.

Details on the call for proposals and guidelines can be found on the Homepage of the FFG.

The BMK and the FFG recommend contacting the innovation labs “Digital findet Stadt” and “RENOWAVE.AT” to coordinate applications.


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