Renovation and extension of the Salzburg Justice Building

Architecture: Franz&Sue Architektur
© Kurt Hoerbst

Redevelopment Mariahilfer Straße

Architecture: Trimmel Wall Architekten
©Isabella Wall

Stanz village centre

Architecture: Nussmüller Architekten
© Kurt Hoerbst

Building site Parliament

© Tobias Steiner

Nature Park School

Architecture: ARCH+MORE
© Walter Luttenberger

Construction site:

Hörbranz multi-generation house
© Eckart Drössler

Refurbishment House Maurer Wolfurt

Architecture: Baukultur Management
© Reinhard Maurer

Hittisau Think Tank

Architecture: Georg Bechter
© Kurt Hoerbst

Redevelopment Kaiserstraße

Architecture: Trimmel Wall Architekten
©Isabella Wall

House Sternberg

Architecture: ARCH+MORE
© Walter Luttenberger

Velden School of Music

Architecture: ARCH+MORE
© Walter Luttenberger

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The decisive decade for climate protection has already begun.
sustainable, climate-neutral refurbishments are being
will play a decisive role in the next few years.

RENOWAVE.AT is the new innovation laboratory for climate-neutral building and neighbourhood renovations throughout Austria. We are the independent point of contact for innovations in the renovation sector. The goal is a liveable & climate-neutral building sector and a refurbishment turbo for the construction and real estate industry.

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Impact Days (17./18.10.2023) – Review

On October 17 and 18 2023, the first congress on climate-neutral holistic refurbishment by the RENOWAVE.AT innovation laboratory took place at the Seifenfabrik in Graz. With over 300 participants, the event was a great success and provided a platform for in-depth discussions on topics such as digitalization, serial refurbishment, social processes and heat pumps.

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RENOINVEST – 1st National Round Table 17.04.24

The challenges facing the construction and real estate industry in the coming years are considerable. The renovation rate must increase in order to achieve the 2040 climate targets. The significant inflation rate, stricter lending guidelines, lack of reserves, a complex subsidy landscape, and the existing Austrian tenancy law serve as motivation.

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RENOINVEST – Invitation to Thematic Working Groups

The innovation laboratory is an independent and nationally committed organization that has set itself the goal of accelerating the climate-neutral renovation of buildings and districts in Austria. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to enable private and public investments in financing renovation projects and to create favorable conditions for them.

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Austrian Standards Award 2024

The Living Standards Award honours innovative solutions, exportable ideas and future technologies to whose success standards have contributed As Austria’s most prestigious award for standardization and innovation, the prize recognizes companies, organizations, research institutions and start-ups that achieve outstanding results with the help of standards.

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Innovation exchange with innovation labs on the TIKS RTI funding line

Participants presented their skills and defined ideas for a submission at the idea exchange of the RTI funding program TIKS. Relevant information about the TIKS 2023 funding program and support services from and through innovation labs were shown using examples. GRÜNSTATTGRAU presented its expertise on the respective tendering priorities

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RENOWAVE welcomes the “Pionierstädte Österreich”

Several cities in Austria are allowed to bear the status of “Pionierstädte”. The BMK supports the necessary capacity and competence development in the cities within the framework of public-public cooperation (ÖÖK) with two million euros per pioneering city. In addition, customized funding formats are being developed in the areas of research, technology and innovation.

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