Renovation rate 2023 – Interview with Wolfgang Amann

Renovation rate 2023 – Interview with Wolfgang Amann In 2024, the ETHOUSE Award, the prize for energy-efficient renovations in Austria, will be presented for the twelfth time. Ethouse invited housing researcher Wolfgang Amann, cooperative member of RENOWAVE.AT, for a talk on this occasion. He exchanges views on building renovation in Austria with Clemens Hecht, spokesman […]


Seifenfabrik, Graz AUSTRIA’S CENTRAL EVENT FOR CLIMATE-NEUTRAL RENOVATION RENOWAVE.AT IMPACT DAYS on 17th and 18 th October 2023 are the most important event in Austria in the field of climate-neutral renovation. We bring together experts, entrepreneurs and housing associations to promote the “great transformation”. Through the research and developments of the last decades, it is […]

New FFG funding call for the circular economy in construction

Lead project – Recycling of building materials and building components with AI support The lead project is aimed at companies, R&D institutions and other organisations active in the construction industry, circular economy and digital technologies. Tender open from 30.11.2022 12:00 to 31.05.2023 12:00 The Austrian circular economy strategy was adopted by the Council of Ministers […]

30.03. “Innovative system solutions for building renovation and heating replacement”.

Workshop of in the context of the BauZ – Congress 2023 under the motto: Less. But make more of it! In a 1,5h – workshop, innovative, technical and scalable solutions will be presented first, based on different building typologies in multi-storey residential buildings, which have already been implemented in practice to make the heating […]

Horizon Europe – work program 2023 published!

On December 6, 2022, the EU Commission decided on the current calls for proposals for EU missions under Horizon Europe for 2023 – 2024. You can find the current work program here. EU missions aim to address some of the biggest challenges facing our society. They are bold and inspiring with clear goals that are […]